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He is on a moving train, looking outside the window. The train is empty, you are the only passenger. The train station you had to reach is passing by in front of you, where someone was waiting for you, in trepidation for your arrival. You catch her eyes. In a second, led by two opposite vectors, their eyes drown into each others, stacked in a running turn. No time for words, no time for kisses and no time to hold those hands, hidden inside cold pockets. The train doesn’t stop, it moves away, inexorably. You would like to stop it but you stay there, at the window, frozen, like a marble statue. Your eyes follow her passing by. The train continues its path and you can’t stop this unstoppable journey. Her name stuck in his throat. You can’t move. Time stops and those few seconds acquire the timespan of your entire life. But it’s just a second and those eyes are already far away. That figure has become a dot on the horizon, smaller and smaller. It seems to you that you can still distinguish it but it’s just an illusion that your mind projected in the vast scenery of your life. The next station is miles away, others worlds, stranger cities, where no one knows you, where you can know everyone. You sit down on the couch and you feel your impotence. You are holding something that you couldn’t keep. Your heart, like the train engine, is still pumping, carrying on your body to unknown destinations. The night raised, the darkness melts quickly on to the world. The only light comes from the bulb inside the cabin. You look outside but there is only the reflection of a face you struggle to recognize. He sits down again. It’s cold. He envelops himself in his coat dreaming that what are hugging him are not his own arms. While you are asleep the next stop will come. You will wake up and the world will have new colours and new unknown smells. During the night a self has been killed and has been buried. The obscured-enveloped untold is coming to life. What is calling and waiting for you is the fearful and ecstatic grasp of unforeseeable accidents. Following your desire, your will dive from tide to tide, waiting the moment that from the void the undisclosed face of your dearest enemy will turn up.

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