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In a labyrinth of signs photography is a mean of interpretation of what we call reality.

In this constant flow of images photography is a mark carrying fragments of the transience’s chaos we are immersed within. The feeling that our life goes along within this flow has something that asks to be touched.

Claudio Cristini, Bergamo, Italy, 1984.

I consider myself a self-taught photographer, even if I started my formal studies in art and photography when I was a teenager and I continued them at the Glasgow School of Art, where I graduated in Fine Art Photography in 2017.
I use photography as a tool of knowledge and exploration of myself and, at the same time, of what surrounds me: it merges the vertical journey in the depths of myself with the horizontal participation within the world.
My practice aims to explore and unify extreme tendencies: the search for solitude with the naive enjoyment of life. Hence, my work can be described as spontaneous and reflective at the same time.
Photography coexists, as an act, with the engagement in life, with the renewed appropriation of myself in intimacy with the world. It is a solitary act that guides me toward an otherness and always expresses a relation.
I’ve been always attracted to the origin of things, to the substrate that presides over realities. This is true regarding the peculiar nature of a person, the echoes that a landscape provokes in our soul or the mystery of our own being.

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