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Lost Friend


I walk through our usual streets

and again I’m feeling a stranger

People pass by

as urban extras

My gaze is looking for you

I can’t avoid it

For a moment you are beside me

and you are walking with me

but is only a phantom

a mind’s creation

Another step

and you are already vanished

in the urban chaos of this city

that we wanted to conquer together

You find yourself a stranger

You are avoiding what is called

the human race


you can embrace the entire world


we are our only resource


While I’m passing below a bridge

I’m thinking that you are passing just above me

One day I’ll take my whole life

and I will bring it

I don’t know where

I won’t have anything with me

except myself

We have lived with one another

Now I see

hand by hand

young lovers

I feel the vanity of my love

I’m loosing

my fixed star

Something so powerful

and immaculate

A new creature

is pushing

Is making its way

inside myself

and go along with me

in the already empty streets.






The living time

of my present

The inability to forget

to embrace oblivion

Like an insomnia of memory

Life flows around me

Beauty’s smiles

Fragments of detached existences

In their being

matter of promises





Incredulous projection

lack of light

Emblem of living matter

A gesture evoked an existence

eclipsed in a gloomy cradle

wide open eyes

on the bottom of a deaf obscurity

facing the uncertain boundaries

of a well dug in the flesh




In the city

love claims victims

lone and hungry

the citizens grab a dose

as long as it’s warm




The city

desperate love

hand in hand

in a faraway point of no return

totally estranged

I turn my back

enclosed in myself

Everyone find someone

In the delight of an intimate embrace

I’m looking at you from a sidereal distance




I have spotted one thousand horizons

new possibilities

in every beautiful faces

the endless combinations

hidden in everyone




On the hill’s edge

there is a body

more and more gaunt

mock of harsh winds

who push and pull

the unsteady wobbly figure

Claudio Cristini © 2024