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Let passing me by

Let me vanish

I have looked through your eyes

I have seen the abyss

that makes me a stranger to you

All the remains of your memories

will become a feeble precipitate

in the indistinct world

of hypothetical nothingness

I have been an accident

and you will reach the point that

if I will or if I will not

will not matter

Now I’m like a phantom

made of impalpable breath’s nests

The body that you unveiled

and that you have touched

lies idle and lone

at an unknown place

How great was my surprise to find

such a big distance

between the edge of my fingers

and your skin

Suddenly discarded

As I know I have to be used to



Now I’m like a wind

that carries itself

through the indifference of separated existences

You have taken the time

to make me evaporate

What’s left?

You have forgotten my eyes yesterday

useless unsold items

leftovers of the summer’s sale

Let me passing by

Let me disappear

Let me be nobody

and buries all the aborted sparks of an exposed heart

Claudio Cristini © 2024